#1161 (--route-ipv6 does not recognize net_gateway or net

OpenVPN Client on an OVH Failover IP Bridge Client Up OpenVPN Client on an OVH Failover IP Bridge Client Up Script Since I could not find any forum posts about this and wanted the info to be found, since OVH has a strange gateway setup. You will need a Up Script for this to work. Using Plex Server with a VPN - General Discussions - Plex Feb 26, 2017

The configuration has remote my.vpn-server.org, yet the value of socks-proxy is used to create this route. This is not described by the man page. How redirect-gateway def1 behaves makes sense when a remote SOCKS proxy is used. In this situation, the client only connects to the SOCKS proxy using the information provided by the socks-proxy option, after which the proxy takes care of the rest of

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How to configure a host as a gateway for client - OpenVPN

allow-pull-fqdn route www.netflix.com net_gateway So far I've been using this for a day, and had to restart things one time to get it to pick up new addresses. I would like to find a way to run this at regular intervals to add to the IP list (without duplicating addresses already in the list). Managing user and group properties from command line | OpenVPN The way the OpenVPN protocol does this is by sending a route directive with a specific subnet to route through, but then specify the keyword net_gateway which is translated on the client side as the default gateway address. Such a directive is pushed from the server and looks on the client side like: route net_gateway #1161 (--route-ipv6 does not recognize net_gateway or net push "route" push "route net_gateway" That allows VPN clients to communicate with through the secure tunnel they've established without accidentally breaking access to the VPN server itself, as VPN clients must always reach this through their default gateway "net_gateway". OpenVPN / Re: [Openvpn-users] net_gateway undefined error * Jean-Pierre Schwickerath (lists@) [16 Sep 2004 17:37]: > > Thu Sep 16 16:28:53 2004 PUSH: Received control message: > > 'PUSH_REPLY,route-method exe,route 128