When I reload, i get the following. (I also cant seem to find the log files for bind) nslookup -sil cggts.com Server: Address: ** server can't find cggts.com: SERVFAIL I know i must be missing something silly. (Note I did not make any changes to any other files.) contents of /etc/resolve.conf

DNS forwarder is refusing queries | Netgate Forum Configuration of my local machine on the network. is the LAN address of the pfSense box. is the server: This shows that DNS queries are refused by the forwarder: The same problems seem to happen locally on the pfSense box too. It can't find updates at all and searching for and downloading packages fails too: BIND - External Queries come back "query refused" - DNS Jan 05, 2010 DNS client configuration problem - server can't find

server can't find espritdecorps.com.au: REFUSED would assume ns1-09.azure-dns.com would be able to find espritdecorps.com.au as it is the nameserver as stated above what could possibly be causing this issue?

Feb 28, 2019

Bind9 Trouble [SOLVED] ** server can't find foobar.com

The name you are looking up is not part of any zone that you have. The zone that you have configured is named mydomain.com.dns but you are trying to look up the name mydomain.com.. In addition to this it looks like there is out of zone data inside the mydomain.com.dns zone, but I can only assume that the problem here is actually the zone name.. For any additional errors you may want to look at [SOLVED] Can't find server: Non-existent domain - Windows