This is only for people who already have their B connection working fine, people who can't get the Wii to connect in B or mixed mode have a different problem. Here's some more info about my setup just for reference: Router: Linksys WRT54GS DD-WRT 23 SP2 G-only mode WEP security Firewall off wireless Channel 11 MTU - Manual - 1492 running DHCP Wii:

I have Sony Vaio laptop and I used Linksys WRT54G router which I used in connecting to the internet. I also used Comcast. My Nintendo Wii can detect my wireless router so I … Vonage Forum - Help with Setup Cable Modem -> WRT54G -> … Oct 14, 2005 Wii + Wireless Network | [H]ard|Forum Oct 30, 2006 Nintendo Wii Hacks | Hackaday | Page 4

I just bought my new WRT54G router to use with my Wii. The router is hooked up to the computer and appears to be working fine. When I search for an access point with my Wii, it comes up with my router, as it should. I confirm the settings, but then when I try to test the connection, it says it canno

Nov 07, 2008 Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router Not Connecting to

Oct 30, 2006

WRT54G2 router was a restyled version of the WRT54G containing the expected firewall features that protect from hackers that may try to access its network. It supports the same 802.11b/g wifi standards. Wireless-N (draft 802.11n) series products: WRT54G WRT54G2 WRT54G2 v1 WRT54GC WRT54GL v2 WRT54GLv1.1 WRT54GS WRT54GS v2 WRT54GS v4 WRT54Gv2 WRT54Gv3 WRT54Gv5 WRT54GX WRT54GX v1 WRT54GX-CU WRT55AG WRT600N WRTP54G WRV54G WRV210. All other