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What algorithm does Windows use to decide which DNS Server it will query in order to resolve names? Let's say I have several interfaces, all active, some with no dns server specified, some told to determine it automatically, and some with it specified manually (in interface ipv4 AND interface ipv6). DNS Tunneling: how DNS can be (ab)used by malicious actors Mar 15, 2019 How Dns Protocol Works - Hack2Secure

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Why does DNS use UDP? As you just read, the UDP is unreliable but a lot faster than TCP, but don’t panic just yet. DNS requests are very tiny, so they have no problems fitting into the UDP segments. It doesn’t use a time-consuming three-way hand-shake procedure to start the data transfer like TCP does.

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As stated in other answers, DNS can use both. When DNS was invented (around 1983), UDP was chosen as the primary transport because: * Server resources are limited (and were more restricted 40 years ago) * UDP does not require the overhead of track What layer is DNS protocol? | AnswersDrive In this way, DNS acts as a mnemonic device, making network resources easier to remember for network users. The Windows Server 2003 DNS Server and Client services use the DNS protocol that is included in the TCP/IP protocol suite. DNS is part of the application layer of the TCP/IP reference model. DNS-over-HTTPS causes more problems than it solves Oct 06, 2019 Which protocol does DHCP use at the Transport layer Which protocol does DHCP use at the Transport layer? A. IP. B. TCP. C. UDP. D. ARP. Answer: Option C . Solution(By Examveda Team) User Datagram Protocol is a connection network service at the Transport layer, and DHCP uses this connectionless service. Join The Discussion. Comment *